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Naverisk Leadership Team

Meet the nerds leadership team!

Fearless Leader:
Michael Inzerillo, aka "Inzo"
Managing Director

A seasoned veteran with more than 20 years of IT service management, Inzo helms the ship for Naverisk and the managed services strategy. He is responsible for the overall direction, management, and approach to “delivering awesome” to the managed services community. Formerly the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Inzo is well versed in best practices for sales and marketing and their application to SaaS and cloud-based products. He also speaks fluent networking, technology, digital security and IT management and is the resident “Veep-Geek.”

The Hand of the King:
Jason Poulopoulos, aka "Jpop"
Director of Sales

Jpop brings nearly 20 years of direct sales and leadership experience to his current role as the Sales Director for Naverisk. He places significant focus on SaaS selling and strategy. In his position, he oversees all aspects of sales and customer retention. Prior to joining ECi Naverisk, Jpop was the Strategic Sales Manager of LogicNow (now SolarWinds MSP), where he played a key role in driving customer acquisition throughout North America. Earlier in his career, he was involved in the expansion of channel sales with an emphasis on remote monitoring, backup, ITIL and data security.

The Unifier:
Simon Dwyer, aka "Si-Clops"
Director of Operations

Si-Clops has a colorful work history with firm roots in the IT industry, mostly in project management and operations. He is currently Director of Operations for Naverisk which makes him responsible for support, strategic relationships, and infrastructure. For seven years, Si-Clops ran his own successful online company and had a previous life in the digital marketing world as a consultant before joining Naverisk in mid-2014. He thoroughly enjoys interacting with customers through Naverisk's products and services. "It feels like we are working within a big family," he says.

Brains of the Operation:
Ivan Wood, aka "Brains"
Product Manager

A pasty guy who has spent the last 20+ years making computers do what he wants them to do, Brains has performed just about every role you can name in IT. Brains has been lots of stuff including the designer and builder of hosting environments and the guy who services the printer; the business architect and the guy writing code; database administrator and the guy you call when you forget your password. While working at IT managed service companies he carried at least three job titles so one would fit the business for the day. Brains was always the top technical person and frequently provided advice to subject matter consultants. At software development companies he solved the problems deemed impossible by other developers and was regarded as an innovator. Brains has been directing Naverisk and adding features since 2011. He has been a part of Naverisk since it was first inked onto the back of a napkin while sipping average coffee. Current titles for Brains include Product Manager, Advisory Architect, Development Manager or "Mister," depending on the time of day and what is needed.

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