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Naverisk 2013 R3 Roadmap Finalized

Fort Worth, TX Reflecting our commitment to deliver continuous improvements in our RMM and Service Desk platform, Naverisk 2013 R3 is the THIRD major upgrade this year and is our most powerful release ever! These new features are scheduled for release in early December of 2013.

The Naverisk Remote Monitoring (RMM) and Service Desk Suite release highlights include:

Remote Monitoring and Management Enhancements

  • 1.0 Software Management

    • Automate Tasks and Reports across groups of Devices based on installed Software
    • Uninstall Software via the Naverisk User Interface
    • Extended Software Reporting

  • 2.0 Command Console and Scripts - “Run As” & Cache
  • 3.0 Event Log Monitoring - Improved Monitoring Granularity
  • 4.0 Monitoring Noise Reduction – OS Template & Roles
  • 5.0 Enhanced Job Scheduling Automation

    • Queue Scheduled Jobs on Offline Devices
    • New Filter – Agreement

  • 6.0 Site Documentation via the Knowledge Base
  • 7.0 Remote Control Enhancements
  • 8.0 Backup Management Enhancements
  • 9.0 Agent Stability Improvements
  • 10.0 Integration Partnerships
  • 12.0 Patch Management Workflow
  • 13.0 Various RMM workflow and Usability Enhancements
  • 14.0 Reporting – Extended RMM Specific Reporting

Service Desk, Time Tracking & Billing Enhancements

  • 1.0 New Ticket User Interface, ITIL Standards & Streamlined Workflows
  • 2.0 Technician Scheduling Calendar
  • 3.0 Knowledge Base
  • 4.0 Improved Tray Icon Branding
  • 5.0 More Granular & Configurable Content in Email Alerts & Calendar Invites
  • 6.0 Ticket Console – Performance improvements
  • 7.0 Various Service Desk workflow and usability enhancements
  • 8.0 Reporting – Extended Service Desk specific reporting

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