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On March 21, 2017, Naverisk 2017 will be available for managed service providers (MSP’s) and technology professionals world-wide. An all-in-one solution for the IT industry, Naverisk 2017 extends its robust solution set by introducing new features that will help to monitor, automate, track and support IT management functions.

Some of the key improvements in Naverisk 2017 include:

Advanced Linux Agent

An updated and improved Linux agent provides the ability for teams to monitor, script, remote control, auto-remediate, track tickets and billable time and more against Unix and Linux devices.

Rebuilt Remote Control

Naverisk has partnered with and fully integrated Splashtop, an award-winning and global remote access solutions developer, as its base remote control and access platform. All Naverisk customers receive Splashtop licenses included with their Naverisk agents.

Refreshed User Interface

Extending on previous releases, Naverisk 2017 provides an updated and fresh look to user interface. Improvements were made to the color, theming, workflow and overall design to enhance the usability of the solution for technicians.

Retooled SNMP Engine

Naverisk 2017 comes equipped with a redesigned and faster SNMP discovery and monitoring engine. With Naverisk 2017, MSP’s can effectively discover network devices and apply SNMP monitoring templates to automate their management.

HTML Ticketing & Service Desk

The built in ticketing and workflow tools of Naverisk 2017 have been further enhanced with the ability to utilize HTML in email messaging and responses. This popularly requested feature helps MSP’s provide better support and branding consistency to their customers from within a single solution.

More and More…

Naverisk 2017 also delivers an array of product improvements, bug fixes, tweaks and stability upgrades to the core platform.

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