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IT & Network Security Management Using Naverisk™ RMM Software

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The application of good IT and network security protocols is more than the implementation of antivirus and anti-malware utilities. It's a comprehensive and continuously applied strategy for technology management. Large-scale adoption of internationally utilized cloud technology on various devices vastly increases the associated risks for all businesses that rely on those mediums.

Therefore, managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT professionals must apply sound security management principles to their service delivery models. They need to ensure the reliability and security of the device and the underlying business technology, as well as the availability of services for their customers. Fortunately Naverisk, in conjunction with our security alliances, helps automate and deliver these services.

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Using Naverisk RMM software and other integrated third-party products, you’ll be able to proactively monitor, manage and maintain your technology and help defend against ransomware, viruses and zero-day attacks. Our strategic partners for IT and network security include:

Bitdefender Intergration

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Naverisk offers the full suite of Bitdefender® Cloud Security for MSPs in a per-use model. Bitdefender is consistently in the top ranks for protection and performance.

MSPs will enjoy the complete feature set (Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Web Content Filtering, Firewall, and more) that is often limited in a fully integrated implementation of Bitdefender with other RMM products.

K7 Integration

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For over 25 years, K7 Computing has been one of the longest standing antivirus and IT security based companies worldwide, providing exceptional solutions and support for IT security.

Managed service providers can protect against rootkits and other threats. K7 also helps manage protection for email servers, administration of antivirus and more while also performing policy overrides and “drive-by” exploit security.

Additionally, Naverisk customers receive support on our system and all add-on products 24x7x365, from local offices in the Asia Pacific, European and United States regions, at no extra cost.

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