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As successful managed service providers (MSPs) know, it’s not enough to automate scripts to monitor and manage technology for clients. You must ensure proper communication, prioritization, and routing of customer incidents while also providing a foundation on which to build reports.

Designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals, Naverisk comes fully equipped with built-in helpdesk and ticketing. Additionally, you can create tickets manually or automatically and set default agreement and billing parameters.  Multiple technicians can track time and information against a single ticket. Unlike other PSA vendors in the market, the web-based ticketing components of Naverisk are built from the ground up within the product. A separate software that will have to be configured is not required.

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Using Naverisk, your technical team will be able to manage, document, communicate and control the service offerings you provide. Some of the more common features of Naverisk used by technicians include:

  • Built-in ticketing with configurable classification structure
  • Customizable billing and service agreements
  • Time tracking and stopwatch controls
  • Tracking of expenses, contracts, SLAs and customers
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Scheduling reboots, maintenance windows, and system scans
  • Advanced workflow routing and automation
  • Ticket creation from email and dialogue tracking
  • Assignment of multiple tasks and technicians to a single ticket
  • Ability to merge and control multiple tickets simultaneously

Additionally, Naverisk customers receive support for our system and all add-on products 24x7x365, from local offices in the Asia Pacific, European and United States regions, at no extra cost.

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