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Success Story: Cascade Computers

Naverisk™ RMM Software Takes the Stress Out of the MSP Business

Testimony for ECi by Cascade Computers in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

Cascade Computers

Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

For Mike and Jackie Fynboh, deploying the Naverisk network monitoring software at their business was as much about preserving their sanity as it was about gaining access to the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective remote management and monitoring (RMM) solution.

Since it first opened for business in 1997, their company, Cascade Computers in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, had established itself as a reliable source of a broad range of computer and network services and solutions, with a loyal client base and a reputation for superior customer service.

But by the end of 2013, the company’s growth and business model (that included too many clients who preferred a “break-fix” approach to service over ongoing maintenance contracts) were stretching the organization to its limits.

“Just keeping up with the business we had was a challenge,” Jackie recalls. “And we certainly couldn’t think about adding any new clients with the resources we had. We were offering network management and computer maintenance services on a mostly manual platform and it was basically unsustainable.”

The obvious solution: bring in remote monitoring and management software. Deciding which program to go with was less obvious, though, at least initially.

Naverisk RMM software had all the features we needed, at the right price

After several months spent researching and demoing several possible options, the Fynbohs chose Naverisk RMM software.

“Naverisk had everything that we needed in terms of features and functionality and the price point was very workable,” Jackie recounts. “We did our due diligence when we were looking and came up with a short list of about half a dozen possible options. Naverisk was the logical choice for us. All the other RMM programs either didn’t have the features we needed or they were too expensive.”

Identifying the right solution and implementing successfully are two very different tasks, however. The Fynbohs knew they were working on a part of their business where a less-than-smooth deployment could be disastrous for the company overall.

Fortunately, they found the Naverisk technical support team were as committed to successful implementation of the program as they were themselves.

“The support we received from Naverisk has been awesome from day one,” Jackie reports happily. “Quite often, I work late hours and I remember one time during the early days of set up, I emailed Naverisk around 1am about an issue I was having. My expectation was that they would get back to me in the morning but 10 minutes after I sent the email, the phone rang with a Naverisk support person on the line. Naverisk technical support is literally available 24/7 and they’re very eager to help.”

Remote monitoring software has streamlined their schedule and given ability to be proactive

It’s still less than three years since the Fynbohs first deployed Naverisk remote monitoring software at Cascade Computers but the numbers speak for themselves. Business today is fully one-third larger than before they put the Naverisk MSP software to work but the headcount at the company remains essentially the same.

“When we made the decision to invest in Naverisk, we saw it as an alternative to hiring an additional tech person,” Mike recalls. “Today, we would need at least three more techs to take care of our current workload if we didn’t have Naverisk and the system still has room for growth.”

And, he adds, life in general at Cascade Computers is a lot less stressful.

“Before Naverisk, it felt like we were operating an emergency room for computers, with panic calls on weekends because a client’s network was down,” Mike recalls. “Our schedule was constantly being disrupted by unexpected problems. With Naverisk, it’s more like we’re running a clinic for mostly healthy patients who need regular checkups and the occasional dose of preventive medicine.”

Now, Mike points out, he’s the one making calls about network problems, to give clients a heads up on potential problems and assure them Cascade Computers has everything covered.

“Naverisk has not only given us the ability to be proactive with our clients but we now know far more about what’s going on,” Mike says. “Our time in general is so much more organized. For a smaller managed services provider like us, Naverisk has been a perfect fit. In a relatively short period of time, it’s become a critical part of our business and looks set to provide a reliable and cost-effective growth platform for many years to come.”

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