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Success Story: Net-Tech Consulting

Naverisk™ RMM and Service Desk Software Helps Streamline IT Remote Management Operations

Testimony for ECi by Net-Tech Consulting in El Paso, Texas

Net-Tech Consulting

El Paso, Texas

At Net-Tech Consulting in El Paso, Texas, Professional Services Director Zach Kinder still remembers what life was like before the company switched RMM software from N-able RMM Software (now SolarWinds® MSP) to NaveriskRMM and Service Desk. Those memories are not pleasant ones.

“N-able was slow, it was clunky, and it was very difficult to learn,” he recalls. “I basically needed to have a tech working full time on N-able to run it. Getting the rest of the team even to log on was a challenge.”

With a customer base of more than 1,000 users in some 60 companies spread across Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico, Kinder knew it was time for a change.

Naverisk’s network monitoring beat out all competitors

He looked at several options—Kaseya®, Autotask® and ConnectWise®, among others—but once he saw a demo of Naverisk, he knew his search was over.

“Naverisk beat out all the other programs we looked at,” says Kinder. “It was fast, it was nimble, and it was light. And it was a whole lot easier to learn and use than N-able.”

Naverisk not only gave Kinder and the rest of the Net-Tech team the features and functionality they were looking for, it did so at a price that was considerably below what they had been paying for N-able.

“Naverisk is a much more cost-effective solution for us,” he reports happily. “For comparable features, N-able cost us over 30% more than Naverisk and those savings started showing up on the bottom line pretty much from day one.”

A trouble-free conversion to Naverisk RMM software

Changing mission-critical software can often be a stressful event for any kind of business but, says Kinder, the Naverisk technical support team made sure the conversion was trouble-free.

“Everything about the switch went very smoothly,” he explains. “We got fantastic support from Naverisk, the onboarding was clear and any time I had an issue, they were on it right way. They were responsive and professional and I always felt like Naverisk had my back.”

Even better, the move to Naverisk was a non-event for Net-Tech’s customers. “As far as our customers were concerned, the transition to Naverisk was seamless—they didn’t lose a step,” recalls Kinder.

The onsite RMM manager now focuses on value-adding projects

Once Naverisk was up and running, the days when Net-Tech needed a dedicated, full-time RMM software expert soon ended.

“Using Naverisk to manage our customers’ networks is so much easier,” Kinder says. “Our site managers can now orchestrate their own software updates, anti-virus integrations and all the other routines instead of having to rely on an in-house expert like we did with N-able.”

And as for that expert? “He’s finally out of the babysitting business and into the money-making business where he belongs, working on bigger and better projects for us,” Kinder reports with a smile.

“Naverisk has streamlined and centralized a lot of operations that were so disconnected before,” says Kinder. “It’s allowing us to do more with less and take on more customers while still maintaining our traditional high quality of service. Naverisk has become a critical part of our business today and it’s only going to become more important to our growth and profitability going forward.”

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