Huge upgrade coming! Naverisk 2018 R3 is on its way.

Huge upgrade coming! Naverisk 2018 R3 is on its way.

Huge upgrade coming! Naverisk 2018 R3 is on its way.

When we (re)took ownership of Naverisk in December 2017, we made a commitment to deliver the best IT services automation platform on the market to our partners.

Our determination and commitment to do so remains unwavering!

As such, we are super excited to announce the pending release of Naverisk 2018 R3, click to see the highlights here.


Business Intelligence & Reporting Engine Upgrade!

Delivering beautiful drag and drop dashboards and reports from a completely new reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) engine.

This upgrade turns our reporting and BI dashboards into a competitive strength for our partners!


User Interface Upgrade

An upgrade to Naverisk’s User Interface to improve navigation and usability.


Project Management Improvements & Templates

Create reusable, standardised, IT services Project Templates.


ECi e-automate 2-Way Integration Upgrade

An upgrade to the existing e-automate integration to provide full “2-way” round trip ticketing.


Zendesk Integration

A brand new Zendesk integration.


The contribution from our partners in the Naverisk forum is a HUGE part of our roadmap development process – we are appreciative of all our partners for contributing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way at all. We will keep you updated.

Naverisk 2018 R3, click to see the highlights here.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2018 R2 Release

Naverisk 2018 R2 Release

Naverisk 2018 R2 Release

Today, we are excited to announce that Naverisk 2018 R2 is ready. 

It’s been a hectic few months as we ramp up Naverisk to deliver on its potential. The good news is that progress has been solid!


Naverisk 2018 R2 Release

This is a key release and demonstrates CEO Jon Kalaugher’s commitment a pioneering charge, delivering a world class product and to rapid innovation and product improvements.

We are excited to be delivering a host of new features and improvements across the Naverisk platform in R2 including:

  • New Project Management capabilities.
  • A key upgrade to the File Explorer.
  • Network bandwidth monitoring and alerts.
  • More personalisation with customised Email Templates (for Cloud).
  • OS Template export / import to save you time.

Please see Naverisk 2018 R2 release notes for the full detail.

Many of these features have been built as requests by Naverisk’s active partner community and will help MSPs and IT service providers work quicker, smarter and more effectively.


Naverisk 2018 R3 Roadmap

We will be sharing more details of what you can expect in R3 in the next few weeks.

A key feature of R3 being a new user interface (finally!). Get a sneak peek here.

The new user interface creates a platform for us to continually improve the IT service workflows and automation capabilities in Naverisk.

Since purchasing Naverisk in December 2017, Jon has continued to invest significantly in Naverisk’s growth, doubling the size of the development team, and restructuring for growth, and to provide better partner value and experiences.

“We will continue to drive the innovation that MSPs are crying out for. With a fantastic team and partners globally, Naverisk continues from strength to strength ”
Jon Kalaugher, Naverisk CEO

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2018 R1 now available

Naverisk 2018 R1 now available

Naverisk 2018 R1 now available

Today, we are excited to bring you a new update, along with details of our next update (below), and will be publishing further roadmap updates shortly.


Naverisk 2018 R1

This is a minor release with access to new Forums to support better communication and collaboration with our partners, and a critical upgrade to our Autotask integration.

  • Critical Autotask integration update
  • Community forum upgrade
  • Fixes and improvements


Autotask Integration Upgrade

Autotask have released an update of the APIs we use to keep tickets in both systems consistent. The most important reason for the change to the API is to improve security with better tracking of which applications are communicating with each other.

This patch contains the updates required to keep your tickets flowing from Naverisk into Autotask and back. Please note that Autotask intend to remove support for the older API shortly.


Community Forum Upgrade

Based on feedback from our partners, we have upgraded our Forum. You will need to apply this patch to access the new Naverisk Forum. We have not carried all the posts from the existing Forum forward. Recent posts have been transferred and you will be able to access the old Forum, though will be ‘Read Only’.

The new forum brings many features, including:

  • Feature requests – add your appreciation to a logged request!
  • Modern look & feel
  • Responsive design, usable on tablets & mobiles
  • Community messaging
  • Better notifications using emails & mobile, in terms of replies, messages etc
  • Enhanced security for Forum data


Naverisk 2018 R2 Roadmap

Due April 2018, this is a key release featuring new and improved RMM and PSA features and a host of quality improvements. We know busy MSP’s and IT Professionals, above all else, need a solid, reliable, RMM and PSA platform. The 2018 R2 release of Naverisk contains over 80 bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.


  • Network bandwidth monitoring
  • File Explorer upgrades
  • OS Template export / import
  • Project management features
  • e-automate ‘2-way’ integration

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Founder buys back Naverisk RMM & PSA Software

Founder buys back Naverisk RMM & PSA Software

Founder buys back Naverisk RMM & PSA Software

Naverisk announces the buy-back of the company by its founder Jon Kalaugher, from ECi Software Solutions.

Naverisk Software is a leading remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform allowing MSPs and IT professionals to automate IT service delivery and streamline back office processes.

Founded in 2007 by Jon Kalaugher, Naverisk was acquired by ECi Software Solutions in March 2015, and has just recently been purchased back by Jon.

“Naverisk has had outstanding growth since the acquisition by ECi Solutions in 2015. The opportunity to further accelerate this growth with aggressive investment into the team and product is huge.” Jon Kalaugher, Naverisk CEO.

This is a new and exciting transition for Naverisk. Jon will be actively involved and bring his passion to the business as founder, owner and CEO.

Jon has personally committed the following to Naverisk partners –

  • To deliver a world-class product and service experience
  • To rapidly innovate and deliver product improvements with leading edge technology
  • The offer the best support in the business
  • To continue the ‘pioneering charge’ that brought the first ‘all in one’ RMM and PSA concept to the MSP market in 2009.

Prior to this recent acquisition, Jon has been focused on the launch of another software platform –

Flowingly empowers MSP’s to automate their own business processes and deliver lucrative BPMaaS (Business Process Management as a Service) services to their clients.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!