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Naverisk Strategic Alliances

Naverisk maintains close alliances with the industry's leading security, backup and PSA (Professional Services Automation) vendors. Naverisk allies can deliver a complete suite of security and backup services at strong alliance discounts via the Naverisk web dashboard.

Naverisk's strategic partnerships include:


AuthAnvil delivers one-time passwords, generated via a soft token application, to deliver best in class security to access to the Naverisk console.

  • SSO - Single Sign On. Naverisk users can login once to Naverisk and then seamlessly access an array of third party Cloud Services consoles.
  • Centralized password management. The AuthAnvil Password Server provides storing, automating and auditing all your passwords in one central location.

Deploy, monitor and report upon the Bitdefender End Point Anti-Virus via the Naverisk platform. Access the Bitdefender Cloud console from within the Naverisk dashboard for more advanced security configurations and policies including web browsing.

Create new annuity revenues with integrated Cloud based Email Security. Simply direct your clients email to the geographically distributed Reflexion Cloud Email Security systems to ensure harmful Spam and Viruses are blocked before they enter your client's networks. Demonstrate the value you provide to your clients with full reporting on email management statistics.

Google 2 Factor Authentication is a 2-step verification service for authenticating users.

Naverisk works alongside StorageCraft's ShadowProtect product for Backup & Disaster Recovery. We have provided and updated the Role to monitor the latest version of ShadowProtect.


Naverisk supports full 2-way integration into Autotask. Partners utilizing Autotask can now use Naverisk's monitoring capabilities to create tickets within Autotask allowing a full 'Alert to Invoice' IT services automation workflow.

The integration of ConnectWise with Naverisk is accomplished via Web Services. Both Naverisk and ConnectWise make Web Services available to enable two-way integration.

Naverisk supports full 2-way integration and ticket synchronization and processing with the e-automate platform. Synchronise customers, contacts, call types, status; technician, queues, priorities and resolutions. e-automate is a key Naverisk integration and is supported on both ends.

ScreenConnect can be used as an optional method of Remote Control within Naverisk. You only need to enable ScreenConnec the Remote Control settings page.

Naverisk has partnered with Splashtop to bring World Class Remote Control built-in to Naverisk at no extra cost to you! You only need to enable Naverisk RC in the Remote Control settings page. You can use Splashtop Business as an optional method of Remote Control within Naverisk.

Xero integration has been created to allow users for flexibility in billing their customers on a platform they may prefer. When you generate an invoice, the integration will cause an invoice to be generated in Xero for you to send to your customers.

Integration with QuickBooks online provides Naverisk users with an easy way to convert hours worked into invoices. The integration also provides a way to load expenses into QuickBooks invoices. Include the Customers terms as stored. Each expense type will carry the taxable status from the QuickBooks item.

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