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Backup & Disaster Recovery for MSPs

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With the sharp increase in data breaching, and technology being at risk, there is a need for every business, large and small, to back up data. One of the fastest-growing industry segments, backup and cloud storage companies supply solutions to managed service providers (MSPs) that help them ensure reliability and business continuity to their customers in the event of a catastrophic failure.

To provide our customers with the necessary backup and data recovery (BUDR) tools, we have teamed with the industry-leading solution StorageCraft® Technology Corporation.

StorageCraft provides an array of physical and virtual solutions that IT professionals can use to protect and recover their data. Options available to the Naverisk community include:

  • Backup management and imaging software
  • Data replication software
  • Physical and virtualized data protection
  • Bare-metal recovery
  • Cloud storage
  • Microsoft® Exchange recovery software

Naverisk RMM software screen shot

Many of these of are integrated with Naverisk via our preconfigured library of roles and script packs and are ready to deploy and set up. Additionally, because of our StorageCraft alliance, our customers receive support for StorageCraft products and services directly from the Naverisk team 24x7x365, from local offices in the Asia Pacific, European and United States regions, at no extra cost.

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