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Naverisk stands apart from other remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions because it focuses on the business of servicing technology for your customers. Simply put, Naverisk is a complete RMM solution fused with just the right amount of ticketing and billing functionality. Naverisk provides the monitoring, PSA, remote control and device management tools for MSPs and IT professionals in a single, web-based solution. We also have HIPAA compliant cloud solutions for the medical industry.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are surprised to learn that Naverisk was born out of the networks of former owners of MSP operations. In the course of growing and supporting IT for our customers, we soon realized that we needed a smarter, faster and easier tool set than those out on the market. Thus, we built a solution from the ground up that provided they key elements of information technology tools that we used every day, but without the bloatware.

In short, Naverisk helps IT and MSPs work smarter, faster, and better than other RMM and PSA solutions on the market because ticketing and device monitoring and management are part of the system, not separate integrations.

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What People Say About Us

This is the most complete RMM I have used right out of the box. Comes with all features enabled!.”


“Naverisk’s technical support is just awesome. The people you work with know the software very well and they’re responsive. Most times when we put in a support ticket, they would get back to us within an hour and they were usually able to solve our problem without having to escalate it to someone else.”


Naverisk – a complete RMM solution

Remote Monitoring (RMM)

Remote Monitoring

Monitor event logs, CPT, RAM, software, hardware, usage, networks, printers and more.

Device Management

Device Management

Troubleshoot and repair devices behind the scenes – without interrupting end users.

Remote Control Access

Remote Control Access

Integrated, secure and mobile friendly remote control tools powered by Splashtop.

Open Source Scripting

Open Source Scripting

Run and automate scripts coded in OS native languages PowerShell, Batch, JavaScript and more.

Workflow and Automation

Workflow & Automation

Troubleshoot and repair devices behind the scenes without interrupting end users.

Patch Management

Patch Management

Patch OS, device drivers and applications efficiently without the need for WSUS.

Agreements and Billing

Agreements & Billing

Define various agreements, type and billing/ invoicing options with SLAs for your clients.

Ticketing and Helpdesk

Ticketing & Helpdesk

Track, report and manage all helpdesk and technician activities with native and built-in ticketing.

Real Time Alerting

Real-time Alerting

Receive real-time alerts and info about devices, networks, users and more.