Delivering Awesome Service to MSPs and IT Professionals
since 2007

RMM platform for MSPs

Naverisk is a leading Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform allowing MSPs and IT professionals to automate IT service delivery and streamline back office business processes. Naverisk is differentiated by its powerful features, its ease of use and availability via a cloud service or an onsite installation.

Naverisk was founded in early 2007  due to frustrations with the range of web-based IT management tools on the market. The complexity, training requirements and cost of ownership (TCO) of most tools in the market did not fit the needs of medium sized managed service providers and in-house IT teams. At Naverisk, we set out to change that, and we did.

Our Goals

Our commitment is to:

  • Lower the cost of IT systems management by providing a simple interface.
  • Provide a toolset that supports service delivery for MSPs, rather than just technology.
  • Deliver ongoing product innovation.
  • Focus on excellent service delivery.
  • Make Naverisk available and relevant for  IT service providers of all sizes, globally.