2020 R2 Release Notes

2020 R2 Release Notes

Naverisk RMM & PSA rapid release program now in play.

We are proud and excited to announce the 2020 R2 release!
Background – we made a significant development commitment in our 2020 R1 release to refactor backend services and components to:

  • Improve overall platform quality.
  • Allow us to ship faster, more agile, releases.

We will now be shipping major releases approximately every two months, with minor releases and hot fixes shipping as required.

We value feedback on our roadmap! Our Forum (https://forum.naverisk.com) is the place to share feature requests, or usability comments, for roadmap consideration.

Authentication / 2FA security improvements

The following authentication methods are now supported:

  1. Username + password.
  2. Username + 2FA.
  3. Username + 2FA + pin.
  4. Username + password + 2FA.

Script pack editor – in app

Scripting is a strength of Naverisk and is one of the key tools to deliver IT services automation. 2020 R2 adds the ability to easily (and quickly) edit and save script packs “in app”.

Multiple technicians / users on a ticket

2020 R2 allows the addition of secondary user(s) to tickets. Naverisk Users can now add other technicians to tickets and create ticket views showing tickets they are assigned to, or marked as secondary users.

Naverisk administrators can choose to activate this feature from the settings page. It can be configured to allow one, or multiple, secondary users as needed.

Key benefits:

  • Team based management of tickets.
  • Ability to “follow” a ticket by adding yourself as a secondary user.

Ticket due date

Control delivery dates for key tickets and tasks with due dates. Tickets can be sorted and filtered by due date in the ticket grid. Sets the platform for agreement based SLA’s, where ticket response and completion SLA’s drive ticket due dates.

Other improvements

You asked, we listened.

On top of the new headline features in 2020 R2 we have delivered a significant number of quality and performance improvements across the Naverisk platform.

  1. User interface improvements.
  2. Creating a ticket creates a new ticket for the client selected/open in the “client tree”.
  3. Exiting a ticket will prompt the user to save any entered text.
  4. Client deletion process, added extra validation, requiring the user to type the name of the client to be deleted.
  5. Removing the Assigned User in a ticket will now automatically change the ticket status to Unassigned.
  6. Changing a ticket status to Unassigned will now automatically remove the Assigned User.
  7. File explorer performance and stability.
  8. Scheduling a device restart will now write an event to the device audit log.
  9. Remote Control will now always return the correct status after a new agent install.
  10. Antivirus, Firewall and Antispyware columns will now be sorted by status first and then alphabetically.
  11. Uploading files larger than the configured upload limit will now show an error message.
  12. Security centre monitoring, addressed reporting issues on Windows 10 build 2004.
  13. Service desk and device table/grid sort performance and stability.
  14. Documents, addition of metadata (document creation date, last saved date, etc).
  15. Various performance and quality improvements across the platform.

Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2020 R1 features Billing & Agreement upgrades + more

Naverisk 2020 R1 features Billing & Agreement upgrades + more

Manage client billing better with the latest release of Naverisk.

We’re excited to announce the release of Naverisk 2020 R1. This latest update features new billing and agreement features, alongside agent upgrades and expanded customization for Contact attributes.

Billing & Agreements Upgrade 

The start of many new billing features set to come. You can now customize billing agreements to include “All You Can Eat” (AYCE) options. These new AYCE agreements can be mapped directly to end users (Contacts), meaning you can now support charging your clients a fixed fee per user.

Mac & Linux Agent Upgrades

Improve your Mac & Linux agent reliability, performance and stability with all new Mac & Linux Agents. Updated deployment scripts can be found in the routine store.

Contact Attributes

You can now add extra attributes to a client’s contacts. Featuring new fields such as IT experience, manager’s name and email, gender, agreements and preferred languages. Collect everything you know in the one place!

Additional Changes

  • Device command console upgrade – ability to pin multiple device consoles and retain console state 
  • Device command console upgrade – improved reliability, performance and stability 
  • Security Centre monitoring upgrade 
  • Grid & table update across RMM components and Service Desk 
  • Workflow improvements for automation rules
  • Ticket timer improvements 
  • Xero integration upgrade 
  • Autotask integration upgrade 

Bug Fixes

We’ve also addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Fixed: When ticket duration format is set to minutes (in user profile/settings), users can now only record whole numbers 
  • Fixed: When using the hh:mm time format, users can now enter value smaller than 1 hour 
  • Fixed: Fixed: “Last Connected” data not returning consistent information of device, in some instances 
  • Fixed: Sorting devices by device types in grids and table, in some cases 
  • Fixed: Login timeout selected by Naverisk users always ends a session 
  • Fixed: Start date of time notes can now be set in the past 
  • Fixed: Expense note start date can be set using the calendar picker 
  • Fixed: Document table not displayed correctly when document description is very long 
  • Fixed: Validation message still showing in document page after all mandatory fields are filled in some instances 
  • Fixed: Number of characters allowed for ticket category name extended 
  • Fixed: Search documents validation message now showing correctly 
  • Fixed: Response templates failing to send email on ticket creation, in some instances 
  • Fixed: Quantity in expense notes is showing under incorrect column, in some instances 
  • Fixed: Quantity value issue in resource utilisation detail, resource utilisation summary 
  • Fixed: Detach function of dashboard has been improved 
  • Fixed: New automation rules error message display issue, in some instances 
  • Fixed: “Move Agents” display issue. Buttons now fully visible 
  • Fixed: “Save” button display issue on device/attributes tab. Button now fully visible without scrolling 
  • Fixed: Automation UI was truncated in some instances 
  • Fixed: Incorrect messaging when restarting agent from passive devices 
  • Fixed: Retrieve button is now disabled when device is disconnected 
  • Fixed: New contact not showing in tickets, in some instances 
  • Fixed: Ticket status does not automatically update when archiving from device tab 
  • Fixed: Adding a note to tickets from device page, in some cases 
  • Fixed: Conversion of duration format from minutes to hours. 


Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2019 R3

Naverisk 2019 R3

We’ve packed our final update of 2019 with new features and improvements.

Naverisk 2019 R3 introduces cloud service monitoring, Service Desk Knowledge Base searches and major improvements to usability and workflow.

Cloud service and website monitoring

Users can now monitor cloud services and websites via device roles or on a specific device. This allows Naverisk users to create alerts, tickets and reports on service availability and response (latency) times. A common use case for MSPs is a value-add offering for customers, monitoring the performance of their cloud hosted websites.

Integrated Service Desk Knowledge Base

You can now search your Knowledge Base and documents directly from the Service Desk. The search also includes new granular search options. When viewing a ticket, users will now be to search for related documents then narrow search criteria to name, type, description or content.

Efficiency upgrades

Core to Naverisk 2019 R3 is a host of upgrades to the user workflow. This includes faster loading pages, more intuitive options and retention of work in progress on pinned tickets.

  • Pinning a ticket to the ribbon will temporarily save WIP.
  • Added visual indicator when list of dropdown items is more than is shown.
  • Added the ability to auto-populate Notes fields using an agreement predetermined values. (e.g.: Cost per hour and billable checkbox)
  • Removed unnecessary requests which slowed down page loading speed. No visible user interface changes.
  • Improved ticket loading speed.
  • Task manager Process list memory exceeding 4GB will display as “4194300+”.
  • Added Windows 10 version (i.e.: 1903, 1909, etc) into the Operating System tab of Devices.
  • Security – non-SSL email support removed.
  • Security – QuickBooks Integration to OAuth2 authentication.
  • Security – Mac Agent digitally signed.

User requested bug fixes

Based on feedback from our users, we addressed the following bugs:

  • Fixed: Session not logging out when on Device page after set time out.
  • Fixed: Editing time note under certain condition would affect billable option check box.
  • Fixed: Issue with Option to re-open ConnectWise tickets feature.
  • Fixed: Issue with some special characters in Notes.
  • Fixed: Editing notes if inline image containing special characters in file name is inserted.
  • Fixed: Issue when typing or copying dates in Calendar component across the application.
  • Fixed: Improve installer due to databases connection’s time outs.
  • Fixed: Issue with foreign characters used in Documents.
  • Fixed: Adding attachments to tickets and notes missing from audit log.
  • Fixed: Splashtop silent installer update.
  • Fixed: Non billable Expense Note is throwing an error when saving without Amount and Quantity values.
  • Fixed: When editing a note, entered values are saved after clicking “Cancel”.
  • Fixed: Sending appointments via iCAL from ticket not working.
  • Fixed: Name of technician not always displayed correctly in Time Notes.
  • Fixed: Emailing new users from tickets creates new ticket for wrong customer.
  • Fixed: Issue with entering decimals in Time Notes.
  • Fixed: Buttons for Documents page appearing on Service Desk page when they should not.
  • Fixed: Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 install updates fix.

Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2019 R2 features new Service Desk + more

Naverisk 2019 R2 features new Service Desk + more

The latest release of Naverisk is designed to help MSPs and IT Professionals provide world-class support the most efficient way possible. 

We’re excited to announce that Naverisk 2019 R2 has now been released. This has been a massive release, with features such as the new service desk and ChatOps redefining how the platform can be used. In addition to the Mac & Linux enhancements, Naverisk is helping MSPs and IT Professionals deliver world-class support without breaking the bank.

New Service Desk

The hero feature of R2! Designed specifically for MSPs and IT Pros, the new service desk features an intuitive layout and an improved flow of work.

Undertake all your key actions straight from the service desk, including collaborating directly with your teammates, triggering a device restart, running a script and more.

Key features include:

  • Collaboration tools – mention teammates in conversations, keep notes on conversations
  • Intuitive layout – access key information and actions from a single screen
  • HTML formatting for inbound and outbound emails
  • Multiple categories for tickets

See here for a full rundown on the new service desk.


We’re bringing ChatOps to the IT service platform!

With the ability to mention technicians in tickets you can keep conversations within Naverisk. No more wasting time switching between systems!

Mac & Linux upgrades

Open up new revenue streams by offering Mac & Linux support! We’ve expanded the Mac & Linux functionality of Naverisk, meaning you now have more support options.

Features include:

  • Remote console to Mac & Linux devices
  • Run scripts directly on one or more Mac & Linux devices
  • Device task manager – interactive restart services and processes
  • Process & Service monitoring
  • Restart & Shutdown commands
  • Agent update scripts – easy update of Mac & Linux to the latest release using Run Upgrade script on next connect

Business Intelligence enhancements

Gain insights and optimize your business with expanded Business Intelligence functions.

Combine this with the new service desk to optimize your support delivery. Run reports on technician efficiency and SLAs.

Key features include:

  • Increased dashboard options
  • All new service delivery metrics to optimize IT services
  • All new financial metrics to optimize business operations
  • Drag & drop improvements

Bug Fixes

As part of this release we’ve also addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Connectwise integration issues
  • Site Controller maintenance completion error
  • Quickbooks connection error
  • Memory & network information inconsistency
  • Ticket archive timing error
  • Pinned items issue
  • Script pack saving errors

Thank You

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Naverisk community. The new service desk was built upon feedback received from our users.

Keep the feedback coming. This continuous improvement loop enables us to achieve our goal of building a platform that helps MSPs and IT service professionals work quicker, smarter and more effectively! 

Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Introducing the new Naverisk Service Desk

Introducing the new Naverisk Service Desk

Delivering remote support in a simple and efficient manner with the new Naverisk Service Desk!

We’ve received a lot of awesome feedback from our clients lately, and the #1 most requested item was a new service desk. We’re very happy to announce that we took this on board. As a result, the new service desk is set to launch in September 2019, packed with features that enable MSPs and IT Pros to work faster and more efficiently.

Let’s have a look at what’s new.

Intuitive Layout

The service desk is where your technicians will be spending a lot of their time. It needs to be user-friendly and display critical details and actions. The new design and layout ticks both of these boxes.

Device details and key actions are displayed on the sides of the service desk, meaning you can quickly analyse the issue, communicate with the customer, and take key actions such as a device restart, all from the one screen. This saves time and enables you to work much faster, meaning you can better hit your SLAs.

Collaboration Tools

It takes a team to deliver great customer service. The new service desk is built with teams in mind, meaning that collaboration between technicians is at the center of the design.

The ability to tag teammates into conversations enables easy collaboration. Importantly, it allows technicians to seamlessly handover in-progress tickets or request assistance on projects.

As a result, you can now troubleshoot tickets solely from the comfort of the service desk. No more switching over to other messaging tools to request assistance on an issue. Do it all from the one platform.

Outbound & Inbound HTML Emails

When we were scoping out this project, one of the key requirements was that all critical information could be accessed in a simple format, on a single screen. The new service desk ticks this box. All emails, whether inbound or outbound, will retain their HTML formatting. No re-formatting, no searching for lost images.

Consequently, you can now read all service desk messages just as you would read your emails. The formatting is retained and threads are easily navigated. You can also make basic content edits, such as adding colors, highlighting text and inserting in-line images, just as you would in Outlook.

What’s Next?

When we were planning this project our goal was simple: to create a service desk that MSPs & IT Pros would love.

Did we achieve that? You tell us. We are already working on a number of new features for the service desk but we want to hear from you, so let us know your thoughts.

If you want to test out the new service desk ahead of release, contact us at customersuccess@naverisk.com and we’ll set you up with a trial environment, complete with all the new features.

Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

The new service desk is set to be released in September 2019. If you’re a current Naverisk client, keep an eye out for the changes in your Naverisk instance. If not, get a FREE demo of Naverisk today!

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!

Naverisk 2019 R1 features increased Linux & Mac functionality + more

Naverisk 2019 R1 features increased Linux & Mac functionality + more

Naverisk 2019 R1 is here and it is packed full of performance improvement and new features designed to save you time and money!

In 2018 we released a number of major updates to Naverisk, including the new User Interface, SSH access and the Business Intelligence system. For the first release of 2019 we wanted to go back to basics, improving how Naverisk performs for MSPs and IT Pros.

We’re excited about all the changes. For a full list of improvements, new features and bug fixes see the 2019 R1 Release Notes.


Linux Patch Management

We know that a lot of you have been waiting for this one! Now you can easily patch and support your Linux agents on demand, or even as an automated task.


Copying Scheduled Jobs

If you’ve found yourself re-creating scheduled jobs across multiple clients you’re going to love this. Now you can simply copy scheduled jobs across clients, saving you a heap of time in the process!


e-automate Integration Upgrade

If you’re using e-automate you can now automatically sync your customers and contacts straight across to Naverisk.


Device Type filters in Patching tab

You can now use device type filtering on the patching page. This will help you quickly find patches for a specific OS e.g. Windows 10 devices / Ubuntu devices.


Ticketing upgrades

Improve your service with upgraded ticketing functionality. A new “Last Contacted” column has been added to the ticket view, helping you understand when the user assigned to the ticket was last contacted. We’ve also upgraded the ticket source automation, meaning that tickets raised from an alert or tray client will automatically have their source set.


Device Performance charts

Make sure to check out the new Device Performance charts. The new interface gives you better clarity when analysing devices in real time.


Script Pack upgrades

Just like for Windows, you can now use devices roles on Mac & Linux machines to run monitored script packs!


Contact overhaul

Throughout Naverisk, People has been renamed to Contacts and Contacts have been added into the Client screen. This means you can now view client specific information from a single screen!


New Knowledge Base

The Naverisk Knowledge Base has undergone an overhaul! The new layout is much more user-friendly and easily searchable. You can find our Knowledge Base in the icon on the bottom left hand of the Navigation Bar (the icon is now featured in the main navigation, instead of the previous bubble)


25+ Bug Fixes

You asked, we listened. Based on feedback from our users we fixed over 25 bugs in this release. We love new features just as much as the next person, but we’re also committed to making sure that the core product keeps improving and enabling you to provide better service to your clients. For this reason every release of Naverisk addresses a number of bugs and general performance improvements.


Many of the features in this release were built as requested by our community. Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep on improving to help MSPs and IT service professionals work quicker, smarter and more effectively!

For full technical release notes see here.

You will love the Naverisk experience. Try us today!